Sweet Addison

Addison Freshly Born
This is Addison. She is 1 week old! Her story is best told by her mama, Heidi:
“Addison is one week old now, she was born about 11 weeks early. I had trouble with infertility so we tried for years before I finally got pregnant with her.. I was already seeing maternal fetal medicine specialists in Fargo during my pregnancy due to her having abnormalities. So we will be here with her in the Fargo NICU for probably a few months and she’s expected to have developmental delays so I will be home with her for a while after that. That would probably be my biggest concern/need is being on a maternity leave way longer than I was expecting, so at some point my financial situation is going to get pretty tight. I was working full time in assisted living caring for elderly with Alzheimer’s up until I had her.
I appreciate you reaching out, any support or kind words are helpful.”
Let’s lift this mama and precious Addison up! Slate of Grey will be contributing 5% of December sales to Heidi. Please join us in prayer, encouragement and financial support for this new mama. I will continue sharing on this throughout the month. If you have questions on how you can help, please reach out: slateofgreyboutique@gmail.com