Jon's Journey

Jon holding his daughter when she was born


Jon Ledford is a 37 year old man who was born with Muscular Dystrophy. He has struggled with health issues his entire life but most recently is struggling with a failing heart. Jon's heart is functioning at approximately 20% of a normal heart. He has issues with being overweight and has lost weight on his own in order to prep for gastric bypass. However, when the gastric surgery was attempted, Jon flat lined during the procedure and it had to be stopped. Thankfully, Jon pulled through.

As of current time, Jon is working with his doctors at Mayo Clinic to prepare for another attempt at gastric bypass in order to qualify him to be added to the heart transplant list. Jon is in need of financial assistance to help with the many trips and hotel stays that are involved in his trips to Mayo. He is also saving in preparation for his heart transplant, as he will need to stay in Southern Minnesota (6 hours from home) for a couple months at least. His parents will likely need to take extended time off work to help Jon in his recovery during this time as well.

Please keep Jon in your thoughts and prayers. If you get a chance, visit Jon's Journey on Facebook or inquire with Slate of Grey on how to get in touch with Jon directly. Any monetary contribution or word of encouragement can make the biggest difference!